Vinyl Removal

How To Remove Vinyl

Whether you no longer want the vinyl on your vehicle or you are prepping for a new wrap, vinyl removal is easy. As long as you know what you’re doing and have patience, the vinyl should come off easily and without damage.

*please note: any advice given is based on the facts that you have had your vehicle wrapped with us. You may see varied results if this is not the case for you*

subaru car wrap in blue. vehicle wrapping

If you want to revert to the original paintjob or are wanting to prepare for another vehicle wrap, you can easily remove the vinyl without damaging the paintjob, all you need is a heat gun.

Step-by-Step How To Remove Vinyl

  1. Start of by slowly heating the corner of the vinyl an a low/medium setting. Do not touch the vinyl with the heat gun or it will melt.
  2. Then, pick at the edge of the vinyl until you get a tab you can pull at. Be careful as the vinyl/vehicle might be hot and you may want to use heat protective gloves.
  3. Next, pull the vinyl parallel to the vehicle panel. Continue using a heat gun to warm up the vinyl and loosen the glue as you go along.
  4. Once the vinyl has been removed there may be some glue residue left over. Glue remover will be able to take this off without damaging the paint job.
  5. You’re done! Your vehicle is back to the original paint job, and you are ready to get your vehicle wrapped again if you wish.

Please note that some factors may result in damage when removing the vinyl:

  • Too much heat can cause the paint to come off with the vinyl so make sure to only use at most a medium heat.
  • If it has been on for a long time, the vinyl may take some time to remove. Stay patient and keep using the heat gun.
  • Cheap vinyl can do more damage than good, if you had your vehicle wrapped with us, you will be safe to remove the vinyl. If you had your vehicle wrapped elsewhere, check with the company what materials they used to ensure it was high quality before attempting to remove it.
  • If the vehicle paint job is not the factory-original (OEM) or high-quality paint, then the paint may come off when you remove the vinyl.
  • Any damage, rust, or texture on the vehicle before application could become worse when removing vinyl.

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