Vehicle Wrap Aftercare

How To Look After A Vehicle Wrap

After you have had your vehicle wrapped- whether that be small designs or a full wrap- there are a few things you need to be aware of when cleaning and looking after your vehicle. To make sure that your vehicle wrap stays in the best possible condition, make sure to adhere to these steps. Know how to look after your wrap, whether that be a motorbike wrap, a car wrap, a van wrap, a motorhome wrap or even a unique wrap. Here is your go-to vehicle wrap aftercare.

How Do I Clean A Wrapped Vehicle?

Immediately After

Immediately after your vehicle has been wrapped, do not wash it for 2-3 days. This will prevent the vinyl from coming loose around the edges. 

Washing Your Vehicle

When you do eventually wash your vehicle, you will need to wash using a bucket and sponge. This will make sure that you do not damage the vinyl or loosen the edges. 

If your vehicle has been wrapped, never go through a car wash as this will damage the wrap. We also advise against power/jet washing your vehicle. If you choose to use one, use it at a low pressure. 

Vinyl does not like wax so avoid waxing your vehicle as it won’t bond to the vinyl. If you are planning to have your vehicle wrapped, you will need to prepare it for the vinyl. Make sure it hasn’t been waxed otherwise there will be additional costs for wax removal. 

All of this applies for any vehicle wrap aftercare, including dechroming.

How Do I Clean Tinted Windows?

After your vehicle has been tinted, ensure that you do not wind your windows down 2 weeks following installation. This is to ensure that the vinyl has fully adhered. During this time there may be cloudy/hazy marks and even water pockets. This is normal and all part of the adhering process of the vinyl.

When cleaning the tint, make sure to use a soft cloth and avoid using cleaning products. Warm soapy water will work just fine to clean the tint.

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