Can My Vehicle Be Wrapped?

Can My Vehicle Be Wrapped?

Before you get your vehicle wrapped you want to make sure that vinyl is the best fit. In fact, many aspects can affect the quality/life of a vehicle wrap. It is good to ensure that the vinyl will work with your vehicle. So, here is your answer to the question “Can my vehicle be wrapped?”

Most vehicles can be wrapped. However, there are some aspects that can make the process tricky or more likely that the vinyl will peel.

Possible Issues If You Want A Vehicle Wrap

·         Your vehicle has unfinished body work.

·         There is any surface rust, body damage or textured surface.

·         Vinyl/wax already on the vehicle.

·         The paint job isn’t the factory-original (OEM).

·         You rely on your vehicle daily and can’t leave it with us for a minimum of 24 hours.

Vehicle Surface Issues

Any unfinished body work, rust, damage or texture could cause the vinyl to not be able to adhere correctly and possibly peel. We do not provide a warranty to a vehicle in any of these states if you choose to have your vehicle wrapped regardless of the possible issues. Due to this, we cannot guarantee that the vinyl will last as long as it typically would.

Existing Vinyl And Wax

If your vehicle already has vinyl on it, we will still wrap it as long as you don’t request the design to cover it or if you remove it yourself beforehand. Also, providing you want your vehicle wrapped with us, we request that you don’t wax your vehicle 1 month prior to your booking. However, in a case where there is still wax on your vehicle, we may have to reschedule and possibly charge an hourly rate for the removal of it.

Vehicle Paint Job

High quality or factory- original paintjobs are recommended for a vehicle wrap. Paintjobs of this standard ensure that the vinyl will adhere correctly. Plus, if/when you decide to remove the vinyl, the paint won’t come off with the vinyl. Getting a post-factory paint job wrapped could risk damage.

Vehicle Dependency

Small designs can sometimes only take a few hours. A quick turnover cannot be promised all of the time. We recommend that you do not leave your vehicle with us if you will be relying on it for any commutes. Bigger jobs can take up to a week to complete and can sometimes take longer. Contact us to find out how long it would take to provide the wrap you want.

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