Vehicle Prep

How to Prep Your Vehicle for a Wrap

Before you get your vehicle wrapped you will want to make sure of a few things. Different companies have varied requirements, however, there are a few things we suggest you do before turning up for your booking. Achieve the best vehicle prep you can for the best wrap results.

Methods for Vehicle Prep

Remove Any Wax Treatments

At Wrapstylr, we request that you do not get your vehicle waxed within 1 month of your booking. And if you have had it waxed, get the wax removed. If there is any wax to be removed when you arrive with your vehicle, we may have to reschedule. You will be charged an hourly rate to get it removed.

Wax needs to be removed so that the vinyl will adhere correctly. If there is any wax left, the vinyl will not stick, and your wrap will not last as long as intended.

Remove Current Vinyl

If the wrap you are booked to get is replacing any current vinyl, or if the wrap will cover any current designs, you may want to remove them before your booking.

If you are set to get a wrap by us, we request that you remove the vinyl before bringing your vehicle. It is easy to remove yourself and won’t damage the original paint as long as the vinyl is high quality. If you have vinyl to be removed, we will charge an hourly rate to remove it.

Clean Your Vehicle

 To apply the vinyl, we need a clean surface. It is always appreciated when the vehicle has been cleaned before arrival. A quick wash with warm water and soap is all it takes to make our jobs easier and for us to possibly return your vehicle sooner. A car wash will not work as it will use chemicals and wax that will need to be removed.

Prepare a Vehicle Replacement

Different wraps can take some time and if you depend on your vehicle you may want to get a replacement for the time that your vehicle is being wrapped. 

Always ask the company how they would like you to prep your vehicle. They may ask for specific prep or even provide removal and cleaning

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