Legal vs Illegal Wraps

Legal vs Illegal Wraps

Before you get your vehicle wrapped, you will want to make sure that the final product is legal. Reputable vehicle wrappers won’t let you drive away with an illegal car. However, if you are wrapping the vehicle yourself, you will want to make sure that you are doing a legally compliant job. Always check legal vs illegal wraps before making a booking.

What is Legal and Illegal in the UK?

Window Tints

For the back and rear windows of your vehicle, there are no restrictions on opacity or colour in the UK. You are allowed any colour, finish and any tint. We offer window tinting from 95% all the way to 5% (also known as limo tint) and you can request coloured tints too.

The front windows and windshield do have restrictions. It is illegal to have a tint darker than 75% on the windshield and 70% on the front windows. This is so that visibility is not hindered when driving, keeping you and other road users safe. Because of this law, we do not tint these windows to ensure that your vehicle remains safe and legal. Windows already have a level of tint on them and as we don’t know what that tint is, we will not risk tinting your windows and leaving you with a darker tint than legal/safe.

Light Tints

In the UK, it is legal to have headlight tints up to 50% if they do not alter the colour of the original lights. However, we do not recommend wrapping any lights on your vehicle as it can significantly reduce visibility when driving in the dark. Therefore, we will not wrap any lights on your vehicle.

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